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Disadvantages of Using a Website Builder

Website builders are well-known and often raved about as being the golden ticket to a successful business, but that’s not always the case. There are several disadvantages of using a website builder that often go undiscussed. They lack SEO support, they are not customizable, and there’s no personability to them. None of which make for a high quality, user-friendly website for your business!

Let’s talk further about the disadvantages of using a website builder.

Most Do Not Support SEO

SEO is vital to the success of your business website. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the formatting technique used to help your website appear high up in search engine results. The process uses keywords, key phrases, and formatting techniques to ensure your website lands on the first page. On top of that, when done correctly, you’ll likely land within the top 2-3 options on the first page.

Most website builders do not have SEO support built in and some do not allow you to even add it as a plug in! So, unless you know SEO like the back of your hand, your website is unlikely to rank very well.

They Do Not Assist with Marketing

On top of not providing SEO strategies, a key disadvantage of using a website builder is its lack of marketing assistance. Marketing is like the sibling to SEO formatting. You really need both to reap the rewards of a successful website.

Marketing your website is about sharing on social media, creating email chains, launching campaigns on your website, etc. Many website builders do not focus on such matters and solely build you a website. So, even if your SEO is flawless, if you aren’t also marketing your website, you’re not obtaining the traffic you could be.

Limited Customization and Cookie-Cutter Templates

Many website builders do not offer much in the way of customization. They provide hundreds of pre-made website templates, sure! However, the customization options on these templates are often limited to changing the color or font style. If you’re lucky, some may allow you the option to add a few plugins, but that’s about it.

Your website should be unique to you as a business. It should reflect your business style, tone, structure, and personality! A clear disadvantage of using a website builder is the lack of ability to help you with such matters.

Lack of Ability to Support E-Commerce

Most website builders like Wix and GoDaddy do not provide users with the option to run an e-commerce business. This is a significant disadvantage of using a website builder. When running an e-commerce business, you want customers to be able to make purchases via your website. You also want to be able to display your products appropriately. Many website builders do not allow this function at all. The ones that do often only allow payment options like PayPal.

On top of this, you cannot host deals or sales, which can defer customers.

Final Thoughts:

There are many disadvantages of using a website builder. They do not assist with SEO formatting or marketing. Additionally, the majority of templates are cookie-cutter and lack individuality and customizability options. You deserve a website that is unique to your business, rather than one that looks just like the next one in queue!