About Us

About us … BreezeWeb is a small company who was born to help new and small businesses achieve their online presence. We have multiple developers who will work tirelessly to help you achieve your dream website.

At BreezeWeb we understand that starting up a new business can come at a cost but your website doesn’t have too.

Unlike website builders such as Wix and GoDaddy you will pay a one off fee and will not need to worry for another 365 days and even then we will still be a lot cheaper.

We will help you design the perfect website for you. All our websites are built on WordPress with adds to the 455million other WordPress websites.

We will set up SEO, Google Maps, Google Crawlers, Bing Crawlers and Yahoo Crawlers. We will also research and implement crucial keywords which will play a massive part in organic visitors.

We know hosting your website can be a little daunting due to hackers but at BreezeWeb you do not need to worry. We will ensure your website is at the highest security. 

We will help you find the perfect domain name. Once you have decided we will purchase this on behalf of you and attach it to our servers to bring your website to life. Your domain will be free for the first year.

At BreezeWeb we do not want to operate like other hosting providers so we do not have the renew automatically option. 1 Month before your services expire one of our representatives will contact you and assist you with any other questions before re purchasing. You will not need to repurchase your website, Only your Domain name and hosting is required to be renewed. 


History of BreezeWeb

BreezeWeb was born in 2022. We are a bunch of friend/designers and we are specialists in specific departments. We have all been freelancers for around 4/5 years and have decided to form an alliance in order to produce some of the most professional websites on the internet.