Why Use Us?


At BreezeWeb we are truly professional. We will ensure to have regular meetings face to face or online to ensure our clients are happy with the progress. 

All our websites are fully editable and come with unlimited revisions ensure you are 100% happy before going live.

Cost Effective

We do not believe in making huge profit margins. We will break down the cost to you to help you understand how and why we are cheaper than these online website builders.

We do not do any monthly packages as we believe yearly fee is very reasonable.

Client Care

Customer care is part of success, we treat our clients like a relationship. Have you ever heard of happy wife happy life? We well you got it we believe this is the same.
We will continue to assist you for as long as you need it, if you need a website but don’t have time to update it yourself or employ someone to do it then please ask us as we have can assist.

Why use us instead of a big brand?

Why use us instead of a big brand? Because you haven’t heard of us doesn’t mean we are not the best. Every business starts at the bottom and that is where we are. We understand that your website is very important and a key part to growing your business. Every client will have a dedicated sales manager and a designer meaning they are able to get a better understanding of your requirements.
We will also provide training to your company which is something we have never seen before.
Can you help me with marketing? Yes is the simple answer we will take care of the important website stuff before going live, We will also assist you in Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram.